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Heger Diamond offers the full potential of diamond as CVD coating onto your mechanical seals and bearings.

The main focus is the coating of mechanical seals  made of silicon carbide

Crystalline diamond is often confused with Diamond Like Carbon (DLC), however the physical properties are completely different. DLC has a hardness of 3500 HV our coating (real diamond) has 10000 HV. Furthermore the adhesion of DLC is weaker because of the lower coating temperature (250°C) which prevents a strong bond.
GOHL-HEGER is a market leader for more than half a century in the field of serial manufacture of cooling towers. Innovative technological know-how, premium quality and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. As one of the leading companies for innovative cooling technology we help our customers to design cooling processes efficiently, effectively and for the long-term.
Power Plant Auxiliary Systems
  • Element heat exchangers (plain, fin, lamella tube)
  • Shell & Tube heat exchanger
  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Turbine oil cooling systems
  • Pure water units for generators and rectifiers
  • Other cooling units with above mentioned heat exchangers
  • Related technical apparatus & aggregates
  • Safety heat exchangers

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